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I've been in farm equipment business for over 45 years and have sold several thousands of new and used farm equipment. Take advantage of my experience and knowledge in this industry and feel confident that I can find the right deal for you. Whether buying or selling please check out our many listings and if you can't find it please Contact Me and I will do my best to find it for you.

Please Note: I encourage you to make a personal inspection of equipment. Buyers and Sellers both agree that they are solely responsible for disputes.

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Lil Gripper

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We are an innovative Canadian company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of Big Gripper devices. We carry a line of extreme traction devices for semi-trucks, half tons, SUV’s and cars. Our products can be used in emergency situation to get you out of a jam when stuck in snow, ice or mud.

This Week’s Feature Listing

2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD

750 hrs
Diff Locks
Cab Suspension
Front & Rear Weights
Luxury Cab, Buddy Seat
Hi Flow Hyd Pump
4 Valves, Full Auto Steer
Pro 700 Monitor
Nav 2 Controller
372 receiver
$179500 USD

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2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v1 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v2 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v3 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v4 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v5 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v6 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v7 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v8 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v9 2013 CIH Steiger 450 4WD-v10 rsgallery2 lightbox by v6.0m